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The Discipline Therapy Podcast

Check out the newest segment of The Discipline Therapy Podcast
-Discipline Therapy Talk-
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With your hosts E.L Discipline & Sujey Sotomayor
Stimulating Conversations After Dark
We live in a world that has forgotten fundamental values, and the balance between knowledge and social media conditioning, are not being addressed. I'm here to change the narrative. - E.L Discipline
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Episode 53:Season 5- Should you remain good friends with an ex?

Upcoming Events for The Discipline Therapy Podcast
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The divinE discipLines Workshop
*The forgotten art of Dominance and Submission*

Hosted by E.L Discipline
Saturday September 24th

Tickets on sale now at Eventbrite 
All details available on ticket purchase

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Entrepreneurs. E. L Discipline, a seven time book author, B.A in Psychology and Sujey Sotomayor, a philanthropist, medical field expert for over 25 plus years and Business manager. This is ‘The Discipline Therapy Podcast,’ where topics which aren’t being spoken about, are off limits, pushed under the rug are now here!!! Raw, uncut, no holds barred after dark conversations. Put the children to bed, we have that soul food and sometimes vulgar conversations...prepare your mind to be fed. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and like, comment and hit that notification bell for updates on new shows!! Every Thursday evenings @ 9pm ET

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E.L Discipline / info@eldiscipline.com
Management / Sujey Sotomayor: ssotomayor0307@gmail.com
Booking / info@TheDisciplineTherapyPodcast.com
Press and marketing / Andrea Johnson: info@TheDisciplineTherapyPodcast.com 
Available for one on one consultations & speaking engagements

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